Research in cultural heritage conservation is highly interdisciplinary. Our studies of oil paint ageing require expertise in many domains of chemistry, from polymer chemistry and catalysis to spectroscopy and computational chemistry. Beyond chemistry, an ongoing discussion with paintings researchers, restorers, conservators and art historians is necessary to keep the scientific research relevant and the results applicable. For these reasons, we are happy to collaborate with a large number of research groups and institutions.

Current host institutions

Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences


Department Conservation & Science


Current collaborations





Colloidal and Optical Materials (prof. Joris Sprakel)


Applied Mechanics and Design (prof. Akke Suiker)


Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts


Past collaborations

prof. em. John Drennan (Australian Center for Microscopy), Robert Corkery (KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm), Mathieu Thoury (CNRS institute IPANEMA/Synchrotron Soleil)